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Jefferies Secures Compensation for Man Assaulted by Police Officer

Posted on October 20, 2016

Jefferies have been successful in securing compensation for a client who was assaulted at his home following a domestic dispute with his partner. After Police were called to his address they confronted our client in his bedroom where he was restrained on the floor with his hands cuffed and outstretched in front of him. At one point during the arrest an officer grabbed our client by the head and slammed his face into his handcuffs several times. This caused our client a number of facial injuries along with a great deal of stress.

The matter was pursued through the Independent Police Complaints Commission who felt that it was appropriate for the matter to be disposed of at a local level by the police force who attempted the arrest. It was found that the officer involved was not guilty of using excessive force during the incident and the matter was thrown out of the police Misconduct Hearing. Attempts to pursue a criminal conviction through the Courts resulted in a decision from the Judge that the evidence was too conflicting – albeit the Judge gave an indication that she was concerned at the level of forced used and the extent of the injuries sustained by the client.

With nowhere else to go the matter was pursued formally as a civil personal injury claim directly against the police force. Whilst the police force in question have not formally acknowledged liability for the incident a settlement was secured in the sum of £5,000.00.

Personal Injury claims aren’t always clear cut. Despite the fact our client was arrested it is the case that police officers are supposed to be trained in appropriate methods for restraining suspects. In any event, it should never be the case that an officer goes as far as to assault a person – especially in circumstances where they are not resisting the arrest. Jefferies Essex LLP are prepared to listen to our clients and go that extra mile to secure the compensation they deserve. If you feel that you have been injured as a result of something which was not your fault please do not hesitate to contact our Personal Injury Team for prompt, jargon free, legal advice. Contact Sarah Mitchell on 01702 443472.

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