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Disputes are never pleasant, especially when there is a requirement for legal representation. At Jefferies, we work with you to achieve the best dispute resolution with careful consideration for the sensitivity of the dispute at hand.

Legal Disputes in Essex

Disagreements are normal, we come across differing opinions in all walks of life – however, when a disagreement turns into a dispute, you may need legal assistance to support you in reaching a resolution.

We have extensive experience in successfully advising clients on dispute matters to achieve the best result in a cost-effective manner whilst considering the potential sensitivities of the matter.

  • Debt Recovery

    Jefferies regularly act for a number of finance companies and trade businesses and have a high success rate in recovering debts, often before County Court proceedings have to be issued. We also have considerable experience of dealing with the trickier aspects of enforcing judgments obtained in the County Court, which can include obtaining charging orders over property owned by a debtor (or guarantor) and instructing the High Court Enforcement Officer to levy execution against a debtor’s assets or goods. Our targeted services are both timely and cost-effective, which is of paramount importance in a sector where speed is of the essence.

    Our specialist debt recovery team is able to offer a full range of services for both personal and business-to-business debt collection. We take a streamlined case management approach to ensure that our clients are at the front of the queue when chasing payment from elusive or intransigent debtors.

    Our Team

    Our team has over 25 years collective experience in delivery high quality work in all matters relating to Debt Recovery. The Team has particular experience in the investigation and recovery of high value. We have 4 members of our team who may work on your matter; Mark Rothman, Duncan Bennington, Victoria Scott and Alex Hyams. Regardless of who works on your matter they will be supervised by Sarah Mitchell, Partner and Head of Litigation.

    Our services include:

    • Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • Bankruptcy proceedings
    • Company insolvency proceedings (winding up)
    • Enforcement of money judgments including Court applications for: Charging Orders, High Court Enforcement Officer execution against goods, Third Party Debt Orders, Attachment to Earnings Orders, orders that the Debtor is to Attend Court for Questioning
    • Drafting and sending letters before claim
    • Issuing County Court or High Court proceedings
    • Issuing statutory demands
    • Obtaining judgment in non-contested cases

  • Defamation

    If someone has written (libel) something untrue about you and that statement has caused, or is likely to, cause serious harm, or in the case of a business, serious financial loss, then you may potentially have claim for Defamation.

    How can we help you?

    We are one of only a few regional firms that deal with Defamation claims. We use our legal expertise and practical knowledge to support you, restore your reputation, and limit any damage caused. We will represent you and act on your behalf to seek a solution. This can be in the form of a retraction or apology, having defamatory statements removed from online searches or social media, and ensuring the untrue statements are not repeated. We can advise you about any damages that may be claimed.

    Our Defamation Team have successfully pursued claims for Defamation on social media, in newspapers (written and online), internet forums, and other forms of publication.

    Equally, if a complaint is made against you over something that you have published, we can offer you advice on how to deal with the matter and advise you of any defences that may be available against such claims. Alternatively, where possible we can provide pre-publication advice to you.

    List of services

    Our specialists have:

    • Defended a Football Association against claims of alleged defamatory statements
    • Obtained damages in the High Court for allegations made on Facebook
    • Forced a leading political party to pay damages and withdraw leaflets from malicious campaign literature
    • Had a couple’s personal records amended as they contained unfounded allegations against them
    • Had national newspapers publish apologies and pay damages for publishing untrue articles

    Please note: You have one year from the date of publication of the defamatory statement to bring a claim, so please act quickly.

  • Dispute Resolution

    A dispute can take many forms. You may have purchased goods or services that proved unsatisfactory and you’ve be unable to get your money back. Someone may owe you money for goods or services you have provided, or you may have loaned money to someone. You may have property issues with neighbours or your landlord. You may have a dispute over a will or inheritance entitlement. Simply put, if you have a dispute, we will help you resolve it.

    Whatever your situation, it is likely we can help. We will offer you:

    • An explanation of the legal implications and possible outcomes of your dispute as well as likely costs
    • Also explore practical options based upon years of experience.

    Your case will be managed by a highly qualified lawyer who will;

    • Be easily contactable;
    • Keep you updated; and
    • Act in your best interests at all times.

    Disputes can be resolved by negotiation, through correspondence, mediation, Court or Tribunal proceedings. We will use the best methods to get you the best results.

  • Education

    At Jefferies, we fully appreciate the importance of education and schooling in a person’s development and aim to work with you to ensure a pupil is given the best possible chance of maximising their potential. We act for both pupils, schools and Education Authorities.

    We can assist parents and pupils with any issues they have, including:

    • Special Educational Needs (SENS)

    A child’s ability to learn can be affected by many things. If they have issues with their behaviour, reading and writing (such as dyslexia), physical or mental needs then they may be entitled to Special Educational Needs Support (SEN Support) or an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC).

    • Admissions

    We can offer guidance with applications for schools, including select schools and can also assist with any appeals and reviews against decisions made by schools.

    • Exclusions

    If a child has been excluded we can review the decision and ensure it is lawful and the correct decision has been made. If necessary we can assist with any appeal. We can also work with you in securing an alternative place for the child at another school.

    • Injuries

    Unfortunately a large number of injuries occur on school premises each year. Sometimes these have life changing consequences for children. We are experts in personal injury claims on school premises or where your child has been in the school’s care such as on school trips and off site activities.

  • Insolvency

    We specialise in providing services relating to personal insolvency, offering a blend of pragmatic advice and sound commercial judgment to either creditors looking to maximise their recoveries or individuals seeking alternatives to bankruptcy.

    Our expertise covers:

    • Bankruptcy advice and assistance – including advising in relation to the trustee’s interest in the matrimonial home, alternatives to bankruptcy, the implications of going bankrupt and bankruptcy annulment applications.
    • Debt Relief Notices, Debt Settlement Arrangements and Personal Insolvency Arrangements
    • Defending claims relating to antecedent transactions (including preferences and transactions at an undervalue)
    • Defending directors’ disqualification proceedings – including wrongful and fraudulent trading
    • Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs)
    • Retention of title claims
    • Statutory demands and bankruptcy petitions – including preparation and service and applications to set aside

  • Mediation

    Mediation aims to solve disputes quickly, cheaply and with the minimum of stress. We have over 20 years experience in helping businesses and individuals settle their disputes and during that time over 90% of our mediated disputes settle in just one day.

    Our mediators have an in-depth knowledge of the law and of the skills necessary to help parties reach an agreement. We offer a friendly, approachable and responsive mediation service based on confidentiality and resolution.

    We have both highly experienced and qualified mediators who can mediate your disputes and exceptional solicitors who can represent you at mediation. We offer fixed fee options if you instruct us to mediate, or act for you at mediation.

    We can help you resolve issues or disputes in the following areas:

    Wills and Inheritance

    • Disputes over entitlement under a will
    • Intestacy
    • TOLATA Claims – Cohabitant Land Dispute claims

    Employment / Workplace

    • Grievances
    • Performance Related Disputes
    • Disciplinary Issues
    • Bullying or Harassment
    • Pay
    • Redundancy

  • Professional Negligence

    Professional negligence claims arise when a professional fails to meet the required standard in performing their responsibilities. A claim can be brought against any professional – the most common being financial advisors, accountants, professional trustees and solicitors due to the nature of their work.

    If you are thinking of pursuing a claim for professional negligence, we are here to offer you practical advice and can act on your behalf by progressing your case swiftly through to completion. At Jefferies we understand how important it is to identify what you need to achieve and help to get you there in a supportive and efficient manner.

    Our experience in this area enables us to represent you in a proficient way and will we make sure we keep you updated throughout the process.

  • Tax Disputes

    We are a leading firm who offers specialist tax dispute advice and litigation assistance to both individuals and businesses. Our solicitors will conduct a thorough and professional service; helping you and any parties involved reach a place of clarity and solution.

    HMRC Decisions

    Our specialists will assist you with HMRC decisions. If you are subject to an investigation we can guide you through the process, review decisions, APN Notices, assess the procedure HMRC have taken in reaching that decision and advise you of your options.

    We challenge decisions in the High Court, Tax Tribunal or through discussions with HMRC.

Meet Our Disputes Team

Our Disputes Team are extremely experienced in delivering high-quality work in all matter of legal disputes.

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