Summer Discount on Wills

Posted on July 27, 2017

It can be very easy to postpone important future-planning when you have a busy and demanding job. Getting time off work can be hard, especially to see to those things that are easier to put off. 

At Jefferies, we understand that those working in education find it harder than most to make the time during a busy term.

It is often the view that people should only start making plans to draw up a will in their later years however, a will can be the most important asset in planning for their children’s future. A will allows you to make provision for what should happen to your property, money, investments and personal belongings after you die.

It also allows you to appoint testamentary guardians to care for your children in the event of your death.

Without a will, the law of intestacy steps in to distribute the estate according to a clear line of family succession. This could mean that your money and personal possessions do not go to your preferred family members or friends on your death and could create problems for the loved ones you leave behind.

To discuss your will requirements and take advantage of our 10% off promotion, please get in touch withEmma Blakesley or Gill Tobin quoting ‘School Special’ on 01702 443484 for specialist, comprehensive, jargon-free advice today.

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