Second COVID-19 Lockdown: How will it impact my business?  

Posted on November 4, 2020
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For all business, 2020 has been an incredibly worrying time. With the recent lockdown measures, there are now further changes which will directly impact businesses and their employees. At Jefferies, we pride ourselves on giving clear advice and guidance for businesses and have done so for over 100 years.

What are the changes to the COVID-19 Job Retention Scheme?

The UK government have announced the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (Furlough Scheme) workers across the UK will benefit from increased support with a five-month extension of the furlough scheme into Spring 2021. Employees will continue to receive 80% of their current salary for hours not worked.

Businesses will have flexibility to bring furloughed employees back to work on a part time basis or furlough them full-time, and will only be asked to cover National Insurance and employer pension contributions which, for the average claim, accounts for just 5% of total employment costs.

Will the Job Support Scheme still launch?  

The Job Support Scheme (JSS), which was scheduled to come in on Sunday 1st November, has been postponed until the furlough scheme ends.

Working from home: significant changes

The new second lockdown measure will require those who are able to, to work from home.  Where people cannot do so – including, but not limited to, people who work in critical national infrastructure, construction, or manufacturing – they should continue to travel to their workplace.

Protecting those employees who are shielding.

The most recent Government guidance say if you cannot attend work for this reason, you may be eligible for Statutory Sick Pay, Employment Support Allowance or Universal Credit. Other eligibility criteria will apply.

The formal shielding notification you receive may act as evidence for your employer or the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) that you are advised to follow shielding guidance and should not work outside of your home for the period stated in the letter.

Whether it’s guidance on furlough, working from home or shielding, we offer support for both employers and employees.

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