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Playing Our Part: World Mental Health Day

Posted on October 9, 2018
World Mental Health Day 2018

Today we play our part in raising awareness of the impact of mental health on young people. At least half of all mental illnesses begin around the age of 14. A lot of these difficulties go undetected. We have previously represented minors as young as 10 years old and our team has been sensitive to their plight. It is the increasing number of cases involving young people with mental health that has led to concerns about our younger generation’s health, specifically their mental health.

Our team is adept to the ever-changing landscape of mental health. Here at Jefferies, we do not only give advice and conduct advocacy at hearings including assistance at Care Program Approach/s.117 Aftercare meetings, we give our clients consistency in representation. Our team guarantees that the person who takes your instructions is the one who conducts advocacy at your hearings. This gives continuity. Our advice is not generic, our team of specialists have extensive experience such that you are advised of your care pathway to discharge, the support one needs in the community and referrals to other departments where appropriate.

Raising awareness is not enough, what we believe remains key is in identifying what leads to some of these problems to include depression, suicide and anti-social behaviours. Where children are involved, our mental health team has the advantage of providing full and rounded advice as they benefit from a brilliant team of family lawyers who all have extensive experience in their respective field. The Mental Health Department has on a number of occasions been able to address minors’ mental health queries with the aid of the family department leading to effective outcomes.

Our team has also been conducting invaluable training sessions to professionals such as nurses, doctors, Hospital Managers’ panel members in areas that include tribunal hearings, evidence at hearings, the Mental Health Act 1983 amongst other things. It is our role to ‘fight our client’s corner.’ It is our role to challenge the statutory criteria for detention or for one to remain subject to the Mental Health Act 1983.  It is our role to play our part.

To find out more about the help and support we offer in this area, please contact the team on 01702 332 311.

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