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August Marks National Road Victim Month

Posted on August 6, 2020
National Road Victim Month

Did you know that August is National Road Victim Month? Organised by the RoadPeace charity, National Road Victim Month marks a month of remembrance for victims of road crashes, while raising awareness of the importance of road safety, as 5 people are killed and 60 people are seriously injured on Britain’s roads every day.

The charity designated August as the month of remembrance for their campaign to commemorate the lives of Bridget Driscoll, who was the first person to be killed by a motor vehicle in August 1896, and Princess Diana, who lost her life in a road traffic collision in August 1997, as well as the lives of the half a million people who have been killed on Britain’s roads since Bridget’s death.

According to the Department for Transport, August is also one of the most dangerous months on the roads, as the traffic increases. Often taking advantage of the warmer weather, there are more cyclists and motorcyclists taking to the roads, while the rise in temperature is responsible for a number of vehicle faults that lead to accidents too.

This year, RoadPeace is marking the month with a virtual event taking place on Zoom on Saturday 8 August 2020. Those who have been affected by, or lost loved ones to road crashes, are welcome to join this event online.

Here at Jefferies, we fully support campaigns like National Road Victim Month, as it’s so important that awareness of road safety is kept at the forefront of drivers’ minds this month, and every month.

If you are involved in a road traffic accident, we recommend that you take as many details as you can as soon as possible after the event. Get the full name and address of any other drivers involved in the accident, as well as those of any witnesses. If possible, try to obtain the other sides’ insurance information. Take plenty of photos and download footage from a dashcam if you have one, or check if other drivers have recorded any footage. Most importantly, make sure you report the accident to your insurers and the police if required.

With over 25 years’ combined experience in pursuing compensation on behalf of clients who have been involved in road traffic accidents, our Personal Injury team are well versed in pursuing all manner of claims. Find out how we can help you here, or get in touch on 01702 332 311.

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