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Message in a Bottle Scheme Launched

Posted on August 17, 2018
Message in a bottle - Jefferies Solicitors

A Message in a Bottle Scheme has been implemented in the UK by Lions Clubs International, to encourage people to keep their personal and medical details in a common location – the fridge!

Emergency services will be able to find the bottle if they are called to your home. Whilst the Scheme focuses on the more vulnerable people in the community, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents state that more accidents happen at home than anywhere else, so it can benefit anyone who has a pre-existing medical condition or who lives alone.

Where can I get a Message in a Bottle?

Bottles are free of charge and can usually be found in Doctors Surgeries or your local Chemist.  In many Communities, the local neighbourhood watch, Age Concern or housing associations have joined this project and will make bottles available to the public.

If you are unable to find a bottle you can contact your local Lions Club by following this link here which will help to locate your local Club.

How would the emergency services know that I have a bottle?

You will be provided with two green labels with your bottle. You will display one on the inside of your front door, or in the main entrance of your home and the other is placed on the door of your fridge.

How can this benefit me?

This Scheme is designed to save the emergency services valuable time in identifying you and who your emergency contacts are.

It could be a potential lifesaver if you have allergies or take special medication. It also provides peace of mind to users and their families.

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