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Lawyer on the Run – Highs & Lows

Posted on February 25, 2016

So a month into training for the Virgin London Marathon and I have had more up and downs than I had thought possible.

The first few weeks were great.  January resolutions still fresh in the mind.  Improvements in times and mileage with each run.  Following a running plan from the Benfleet Running Club  I succumbed to dangerous thoughts of how good it will feel to cross the finish line in April and even more dangerous thoughts of not just completed the race, but what time may be possible (If I ever run a marathon in sub 4 hours I would never feel the need to run a marathon again!).  I was ahead of my schedule and looking forward to each run.

Then, disaster struck.  I was hit by a bug that left me bedridden for 10 days and unwell for the best part of 4 weeks.  No running during that time has basically left me starting the training from scratch, but with just 9 weeks now to go.  People are saying I will get back to where I was quickly, but as I see people fine tuning their training and covering distances between 13-16 miles already, I have a lot to do and no scope for anything else going wrong.

It would be easy to give up.  I could try again next year.  Or the year after.  Or when I have more time on my hands.  Or just never do it.  However, I don’t like to give in.  Whilst there is a still a possibility I can do it, I want to try.  And most importantly it is all for an amazing cause.  When you see the service Havens provide, tiredness and demotivation are insignificant.

On this basis, I am starting to run again in earnest.  I still don’t feel 100% and running half the distance I was, is now a struggle, but I know I need to get the miles in my legs.  And so, on a clear February evening, I once again set off along the banks of the Thames Estuary.

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